Nike Performance Homme Pas Cher

I needed some basketball shoes to practice with a team I coach. Since my ankles are bad I wanted something with support beyond my braces' support. For the price they're fantastic. They're heavier than I'd like and the arch support is fair at best but they're basic, & none too flashy. They get the job done. If I played I'd spend money on a better shoe. They carry the swoosh on the side and that's a plus too.
I had bought these 3 years ago and just bought another pair 2 weeks ago. I have worn them from just going out to everyday outside work for the last 2 years. I went to a store and was struck with a cart and it broke my nike's and so hence me buying a new pair. I love these kicks. They last almost forever just keep away from carts lol. But 3 years for this price is great to my pockets. I recommend these to everyone.


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